App Review: Max Capacity Training

Health and Fitness apps up for review by yours truly. Note: I only review apps that I’ve personally used.

UPDATE: Sorry about the pics being so small — they were just screenshots from my iphone — but if you click on the image you’ll have a much larger image open up in a separate tab.

This is a not good, but great, app that I stumbled upon while looking for some high intensity cardio to replace the garbage that is the Cardio X in P90X. Search the app store for Max Capacity Training, and you should see a stopwatch logo against a greenish/yellowish background.

App title page

**The developer claims that it works best on the Iphone 4 and 4s, yet it’s worked just fine on my Ipad, and I think it’s available for Android devices, too.

I’ve found this app to be really useful for two completely different reasons. Let’s break it down:


“Help, I want to workout but I don’t belong to a gym or have equipment or have a lot of time or know what exercises to do or how to do them!!!!”

Whew…that’s a lot of demands! Fortunately, this app has got you covered.

The primary goal of this app seems to be giving people a structured workout schedule, with short yet max intensity workouts, that do not require ANY equipment.

Weekly Schedule

Weekly Schedule

If you stick to the program, you’ll be going for 12 weeks, but only working out three days a week. Workouts are 16 minutes long, which sounds too easy or maybe ineffective, but you’ll be following a high intensity protocol like the one below:



The app has a nice, clean interface and is very user-friendly — providing a clear description of what you’ll be doing and how to do it, with nice visual and written descriptions for each exercise:

Exercise Description

Exercise Description

And I don’t have a screenshot of the timer, but it’s one of my favorite features. Once you are ready to start working out and you hit that “GO” button, a screen with (1) the exercise, (2) the round (e.g. 1/4), and (3) a big ol’ timer pops up. It’s just a very well-designed app thats conducive to working out, whether you are wearing an armband and constantly needing to look at the timer or if you are able to do what I did and use your iphone in an armband for music and set up the app on an ipad to look at during the workout.

I use it sometimes, like I said, as my cardio in my P90X schedule, and it’s definitely challenging when you go that hard with that little amount of rest. But, like Tony says, “do you best and forget the rest!”


“I want to do my own thing but I need a good stopwatch app”

So I doubt the developer had this in mind as an use for the app, but if you’ve got your own thing going on — say, a playground workout  😉 — and you just need a way to time your work and rest periods, I think you could find this app will do that for you.

— For 50 secs of exercise and 10 secs of rest — choose any of the Fifty-Ten protocol workouts, do your own exercises, and just follow the timer

— For 20 secs of exercise and 10 secs of rest: choose any of the Tabata protocol workouts, ”     ”

I haven’t used it for this purpose yet, but I don’t see why it wouldn’t work. It helps to have that timer going, keeping you on schedule, and holding you accountable in a sense. You can always pause if you need to, but use it as a tool to motivate and push yourself.


Are there any other training apps similar to this one that you like? Maybe a nice stopwatch app that you’ve found? Add a comment in the comments section below and share the wealth.

Be well out there!


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