Home Gym

It’s about time I took you inside my home gym.

photo 1It takes up half of one space in our 3 car garage. It’s not a ton of room, but its plenty for my workouts. And it’s about all the room we can spare. It’s incredible the amount of stuff (putting it nicely) that accumulates with a family of 4.

photo 3

What do we have here:

— My Texas flag proudly displayed because you just don’t mess with Texas

— Workout table (more on this below)

— I’ve taken two exercise mats (maybe $20-25 each) and taped them down side by side using Gorilla tape so that they don’t slide around. It gives me a nice, cushy area for ab work and some of the plyometric stuff.

–Portable fan. It gets kind of hot in Nevada.

photo 5

Looking down from above at the workout table, we have:

Bowflex adjustable dumbbells. They are simply the best and worth every penny, in my opinion. Easily adjustable, you can switch from 5-52.5 lbs in a second or two. Major space saver. And although they actually have come down in price, they are still pricey…until you add up the cost of buying dumbbells in every weight that the Bowflex ones offer you. Check out Craigslist and look for a lightly used pair to save $$.

Perfect Pushup handles. Just picked these up and still getting used to them. Not the most comfortable grip, I’ve gotta say. I do recommend some type of push up handle/bar/stand, but I’m not going to personally endorse this one.

— I printed out the P90X workout sheets, as well as the workout calendar, and put them into a 3-hole folder. No matter what type of workout you’re doing, no matter what type of exercise, WRITE DOWN YOUR NUMBERS. Your sets, reps, weights, duration — whatever is applicable, write it down. Trust me, you’re going to want to track your improvement.

photo 4

Backing up and turning to the left, we have:

— In between my bike and my pull-up bar, I’ve got my jump rope hanging on a nail. I do have to step out into my driveway (or pull a car out of the garage) to have the space to jump. Spend the extra dollar or two and get a decent quality speed rope.

Pull-up bar. OK I can recommend this product. Easy to assemble, super sturdy, good grips, and the main bar comes far enough away from the wall to give you plenty of space for your pull-ups. My one piece of advice is take your time with the installation and make sure it’s level.

** Didn’t get it in the picture but before I bought the pull-up bar I threw a resistance band over one of the wood cross beams overhead. The bands — done with good form — are a decent and cost-effective way to simulate a pull-up.

— My motivational posters area. “No quit in here” is one of the Tough Mudder sayings, and the images I took off the Mudder website and printed them out. I admit it’s a bit cheesy, but I’ll look over at that wall when I’m tired or don’t feel like giving it my best and it totally re-wires my attitude, and reminds me if I’m not willing to put in the work now, then the Mudder is going to be that much tougher in September.

— A cheap, $9 folding chair for a couple of the P90X exercises. It’s also a good aide for the modified pull-up. A good demonstration of that here.

— A broom to sweep off my exercise mats.


So there you have it — the nickel tour of my home gym. I’ve had to put some money into the equipment, no doubt. But the convenience and long term cost savings from not paying a monthly gym fee makes me happy.

What do you think? Questions? Comments? Leave them below!

Be well


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