Just Hit Play

A weekly series where you’ll find a handful of songs to add to your workout playlist. 

Let’s do a theme for this week’s JHP. Themes are fun, right? This week’s songs will all make you say, “hey this sounds like it’s by (insert well-known band name here)”.

Clarias — The Size of Bullets

If you turned on the radio and caught the chorus, you might think that Bon Jovi is putting out a new record. Nope, that would be the relatively unknown band named Clarias out of Boston. It’s a catchy song that I could run to.


Sunday’s Best — Saccharine

I was never huge into punk so I won’t embarrass myself by trying to take a stab at making a comparison here, but after seeing how short their wikipedia page is, I figured it was a safe bet that both the song and the band have flown under your radar.


Fun. — Some Nights

Ok, so this song is getting a ton of air play as a follow up to the We Are Young single. I’m adding it anyways because (a) it’s my favorite song to run to lately and (b) it has the unmistakable sound of a modern Queen song.


The Weeks — Altar Girl

If you like the southern rock of Kings of Leon, check out this group. If you like Altar Girl then check out their other stuff  — both the Rumspringa and Comeback Cadillac albums are worth your time. The Weeks have a grittier, less-polish-and-more-punch sound to them than Kings of Leon, which I dig for my workouts.

Note: Sorry, I couldn’t find a full length version or youtube video. Check this out or go to Itunes: http://www.last.fm/music/The+Weeks/_/Altar+Girl
Patrick Sweany — Them Shoes
Another dead-on soundalike, Them Shoes could easily be mistaken as a Black Keys song. It might be too slow of a tempo for you to workout or run to but it’s a cool song so I threw it in.
Alright that’s it for this week. Be well…

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