What is a “Wellness Playground”?

It’s a phrase made up of two words — one literal and one figurative– that, when combined, mesh to form a new meaning. Let’s break it down.

It’s my aim to provide a really wide scope of topics related to health and fitness. Seriously, anything that I come across or experience that I feel someone out there might find useful or interesting, I’m going to try to pass it along. Wellness is one of those nice, big “umbrella” terms for anything that relates to mental or physical health.

And a playground is the perfect metaphor for when health and fitness is at its finest — when it (a) can offer something that appeals to more than one person or group of people (“differentiation” in education-speak), and (b) when that something, be it an idea, a product, etc. is accessible to the masses. Both of these hold true for a playground, right? Free, public structures with lots of variety to them. Also, a playground to me is synonymous with fun, friends, and freedom — both in terms of creative play freedom (e.g. monkey bars race tournament!) and freedom of choice (i.e. Jane likes to play tag with friends, and Ryan likes to do the slide by himself). When are a lot of the successes in health and fitness experienced? When they are made to be enjoyable, with a social aspect involved, and easily modified and adapted to allow the group or individual freedom.


This virtual Wellness Playground is a place where I hope to bring a fun, informative, take-it-or-leave-it style approach to all things health and fitness.

Please feel free to add comments, pose a question, and share with friends.

See you on the playground.